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Special Price $12.49
6 Rare Foils in Every Pack
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Dumanis Valkyria
Type: Normal Monster
Light Angel Level 4
ATK: 1800 DEF:1050
Secret Rare

NOTE: Game:
(Duel Monsters III Tri-Holy God Advent)
This was a 2000 Pre-Release

purchase offer from Konami. Once you reserved your copy of this Yu-Gi-Oh Game, you sent in a form to Konami, and then you received this card in the mail.

Special Price $44.50

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Female Cards

Out of Print

Duelist ID Card
Back In Stock... NOW

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Injection Fairy Lily

Out of Stock!!




Bandai Cards in Excellent to Fine Condition ONE HALF OFF PRICE of Mint to Near Mint
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Ultimate Blue Eyes White Dragon
4 Card Set

Ultimate Dragon

Special Issue Promo
From Bandai

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Great Buy
Fine Condition $44.50

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Five God Dragon


DM-1 Red Eyes Black Dragon

Ultimate Rare

1 in 250-300 packs

Blue Eyes White Dragon

OUT of Stock !

Special ! !

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon $29.49

Toon Goblin Holofoil Promo Card

Duelist League


Trading Card Game
Duelist League
Tournament Pin


Duelist League


Great Magic Promo card!!
Restructer Revolution
Inflict 200 points of damage to you opponent's life points for each card in your opponent's hand


Blue Eyes Shinning Dragon
Movie Promo

Sorcerer of Dark Magic
Movie Promo

Pyramid of Light
Movie Promo

Movie Promo

Complete set of 4 Yu-Gi-Oh Movie Promo cards
only $24.49

Mint/Near Mint - Yu-Gi-Oh 2002 Secret Japanese Gameboy God Cards Complete Set Normally --> $429
Discounted!! $349 While supplies last!! Click here to see and order***

Mint/Near Mint - Yu-Gi-Oh 2003 English Secret Gods Cards Complete Set $229
3 English Gods Cards Only $229
Cards and Gameboy English Advance Game $259
Boy says it is a GREAT GAME!!!!

Volt Girl
Thunder Nyan Nyan

Light Electric Level 4
ATK: 1900 DEF: 800
Effect:You need to have light type Monsters on the Field to use this card. When this card is on the Field and you do not have any light type Monsters on the Field, you have to destroy this card.

Blue Eyes White Dragon
Jump Magazine English Promo
ATK: 3000 DEF: 2500
Great Promo and variation of the Great Dragon to have in your deck!

Sealed in Original
Jump Magazine Envelope
The card is more valuable in the sealed envelope.
Collectors Special

Premium Pack 3
May include these two cards
only $85